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Social Media (Facebook) – Memberships

• 4 Promoted Posts
• 1 hour Copywriting
• 1 hour Design

*services provided monthly

• 8 Promoted Posts
• 2-hours Copywriting
• 2-hours Design
• 30 Minutes Photography
*services provided monthly

• 16 Promoted Posts
• 4-hours Copywriting
• 4-hours Design
• 1 hour Photography
*services provided monthly

• 30 Promoted Posts
• 8-hours Copywriting
• 8-hours Design
• 2 hours Photography
*services provided monthly


Check out some of our Facebook clients & simply click the link to be transported to the pages we manage for them!

Benefits of (Facebook) Social Media


social-media-facebook-business-marketing-advertising-durban-dutch-ink-target-your-audience BUILD YOUR BRAND

social-media-facebook-business-marketing-advertising-durban-dutch-ink-get-interactive GET INTERACTIVE

social-media-facebook-business-marketing-advertising-durban-dutch-ink-build-your-branding TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE

More about benefits

  • GET INTERACTIVE ! There’s no better place than social media to get involved in the conversation surrounding your brand. Social Media platforms are open to the world for comment. You’ll receive REAL Feedback because the interaction is pure, making it easy to learn peoples first impressions of your brand.  

  • TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE ! There’s no point shooting in the dark. Specifically target demographic and psychographic audiences thanks to their social media profiles. You have all the tools at your disposal to calculate measurability, reach, and following. Gain consumer Brand Ambassadors, and of course GO Viral with the best of them!

  • BUILD YOUR BRAND ! Decide who you are and what you want to say, you don’t have to hide behind the curtain that is traditional media anymore. Position your brand by creating your place in the industry. Get Innovative through making changes which push your brand into the future, because the future is NOW!  

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small, medium or a conglomerate of a business, there’s a space for your business on Social Media.

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