Are you from Springs and need advertising?

Dutch Ink is here to save your business from wasted revenue, by putting your brand in front of new people every day with the power of internet marketing, Google Adwords and years of hard work + dedication to digital marketing.


About Dutch Ink


Dutch Ink is a social media marketing agency from Durban South Africa which specialises in the management of Business Facebook Page accounts, Website Design and Creative Direction.


We believe that while there are a number traditional media options available for business advertising purposes but, they are no longer attracting the same amount of attention or experiencing the same amount of reach which is now possible at a far more affordable scale for businesses, through the power of internet marketing, digital marketing and social media management.


From Websites to Facebook this advertising is new, innovative, and exciting for both the people creating the advertisements as well as the person who gets to view the ad. What sets this genre of advertising apart from many other platforms, is the amount of engagement which is now possible thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook and Google Adwords. It is now such that a business owner may immediately engage with the client and vice versa. A truly new and unique ability which is far more nearly impossible to accomplish daily while utilising traditional media.


A good example of this engagement is without a doubt the ability to like, comment, and subscribe as a viewer. These abilities provide not only general feedback but may give your brand the power to acquire key insights to shape your brand into a far more powerful entity who converts more viewers into clients daily.


Last but not least is trackability through insights. Dutch Ink and your brand will have the power to view real-time Return on Investment results thanks to the back-end services provided by social media platforms and gather rich information on what your targeted demographics like, which has allowed our existing clients to better their brands and in turn their bottom line.


Creative Direction


You’ve got to walk the walk to talk the talk. Brands are like ever-growing children. Whether you are from humble Springs here in South Africa or the biggest city on the planet, kids need guidance. This is why brands need Creative Direction by skilled Directors which can be found at Dutch Ink. It is our jobs to create life paths for brands based on market data which we have the knowledge to analyse. This results in interesting and creative NEW ways for brands to navigate the market, increasing their potential to turn larger profits and improve market longevity.




How does your brand sound? This is important! You may be from Springs or another beautiful South African city/suburb but that doesn’t mean that your brand can have to sound like it. Copywriting explores a brands tonality and develops the vocabulary associated with a brand. It is useful, because copywriters jump into the heads of consumers through copious research, find out what makes them tick, and how they sound, to formulate a prescribed way to speak to the brand’s ideal client. This puts the client in the best position to buy because they feel comfortable “talking” to the brand.


Art Direction


In the same way that a copywriter will deep dive into the client’s mind for vocabulary, an art director will research a client for their visual cues. This insight allows art directors to conceptualise and build the visual components that will attract a brand’s ideal consumer. One of the most important parts of advertising, this visual component will spike the attention and interest within the client, a vital component of advertising which needs to be highly relatable to the consumer.


Web Design


Dutch Ink has worked with several clients from Springs and one of the things we can honestly say is that there is a lot of potential for the businesses within your area. While the market is growing, brands have only recently discovered the need for websites which means that there is still ample time for your brand to get ahead of the competition. As a matter of fact, it is never going to be too late. With a designed marketing plan and target advertising to Springs consumers, your brand has boundless potential for success.


Dutch Inks We design services serve as the hub of our advertising practices in Springs and we use services such as Google Adwords combined with exceptional web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to push your brand’s website to the top-ranking search results in google. For better understanding, allow us to explain in a way which traditional business owners LOVE!


Imagine you had a convenient store, but your store was on the outskirts of a town and served mainly the suburban, underpopulated area which surrounded a VERY busy city. Having a website with NO SEO or Web Design is exactly like owning this store. It is NEVER going to reach it’s full potential unless you change its location and change the way it looks and feels because those big-city customers are expecting BIG CITY quality as well as being able to pay BIG CITY Prices.


What Dutch ink has there been able to do for our Springs clients, is revamping their websites to include user-friendly and mobile-friendly elements which customers LOVE because they can use the websites from their phones and we improve their Google Ranking!


Something we will talk about in the next section.


Google My Business/Google Ranking


Your place on Google Matters exponentially in the 21st century because as we were saying in “website design”, your store NEEDS to move from the outskirts of the suburbs and into the BIG CITY, which is where all of the bigger paying clients are, who are also expecting better quality from your business.


In comparison, your business from Springs in the real world may not be in the busiest part of town, but with the power of the internet, internet marketing, Google Adwords and Social Media Management, Dutch Ink can put your business on Main Street!

In Other Words PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE!


The Main Street of every single person who has spent the majority of their life alive in the new millennium. This means that you will not only increase business exposure, but increase business enquiries, and opportunities for business expansion with the power of online marketing.


Page 1 is where you want to be Today!


Social Media Management


So Many people think that they don’t belong on social media because hey, you might just be a little shop in Springs who’s getting by with local clients but how long can this be sustained? With new advertising mediums popping up all over the internet today, you are as only as good to your client as the last time they saw you on Social Media! Other than that, your impression on them was but a blip in their toxic Advert filled lives.


At Dutch Ink, it is our job to CUT THROUGH THE SOCIAL MEDIA NOISE by creating entertaining and informative content that your clients will enjoy and love you for! It is the reason we have helped so many brands under our belt for so many years and the way we intend to transform the media landscape in the future.


Dutch Ink has always been a Digital Media Marketing Agency, and it is this forward-thinking direction which has propelled us through the toughest of times.


In Closing


Even while navigating the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dutch Ink thrived by creating digital media and our customers were forever grateful for it because they were able to communicate with their clients daily. Assuring them sincerely that life and business would eventually return to normal as the Pandemic subsided.


Thank You for visiting our website! Please don’t forget to check out our services. PLUS Bookmark Us to stay up to date with the latest Digital Media Marketing News on our social media and blogs!


Kind Regards
The Dutch Ink Team