Billboards Vs Social Media

October 11, 2019, Author: Sheldon Naicker






Digital Advertising:







A lot of countries have banned outdoor advertising such as Sao Paulo, Hawaii, Vermont, Maine and Alaska. Each of these places are famous for their natural beauty. For a country that has such a beautiful landscape perhaps we should follow suite to ban outdoor advertising or at least reduce the visual pollution around our island.


We live in a world of permission marketing where we only want to engage and see content that is related to our interests.
Tourism is still one of the largest industries in Mauritius and we should be taking measures to protect it, rather than focus on short term gain.


Imagine the actual cost of one or two billboards for a month (Lets say a conservative guess of Rs 150,000) was put into a social media or search engine marketing campaign and you would have enough ammunition to absolutely dominate that topic or industry for a year!


You would be able to not only track every customer but find leaks in your sales funnel, develop an email list, create a custom audience you can re-target for peanuts later through Facebook pixel, test your audience, understand what are their buying conditions and even track Click Through Rates!


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