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July 24, 2019, Author: Sheldon Naicker

We Love Fish!

The Euro-Spirit account was an exceptionally fun one to work on for numerous reasons. Each and every bit of the website included something which we believed would excite the user and this excited us as the creators.

When approached by Euro-Spirit for their website we were extremely intrigued by their vision to incorporate their physical store into an online setting. This resulted in a perfectly responsive website which would adapt to the user’s device, while still incorporating an easy to use online order process.


The store itself features an extraordinary amount of pet consumable products, accessories, medications & treatments. A great way for any one of their many clients to connect with them and check out their stocks in an online setting, from the comfort of their homes. Euro-Spirits unique order process offers a great way to pay which incorporates the standard website checkout feature that clearly stipulates a quotation process. This means that clients will checkout a quotation which will be emailed to Euro-Spirit Directly. Euro-Spirit will, in turn, check their stocks on the order request, and reply to the client with a billable quotation which the client may pay. Delivery details will be confirmed during this process while an in-store pickup is also an option.


At Dutchink we feel as though this hybrid process is a great way to kick-start any small online business which cannot strategically handle exorbitant amounts of online orders without the required experience. This creates a unique buffer, preparing the client for a future online store as well as conditioning the business for a future in filling online orders by the masses.


We hope that you will visit the Euro-Sprit website to really get an understanding for what we have accomplished. If you are looking into arranging a similar system for your company, know that The Dutchink team has tried and tested this working method before and we would be happy to help.

The Dutchink Team


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