July 25, 2019, Author: Sheldon Naicker

We recently built a website for a Spear Fishing Company and we knew that this site will come out better than expected. The Client himself was amazed.


Established in 1997, Spearfisherman and owner of Freedivers, Shane Breedt started manufacturing Freedivers premium spearfishing gear.


When we were first faced with the challenging website which was Freedivers, we knew that we had to produce something extraordinary. Their core business is, of course, the manufacturing of Freedivers Premium Spearfishing Gear.


From Spearguns to Flashers, Floats, Fins, Wetsuits they have it all. The Camo Wetsuits, Carbon Fins, and not forgetting the Camo Gun Decals, are just out of this world.


The whole creative, development and art direction of this site is solely inspired by the Beautiful Reefs of the Ocean and the Sprite of Hunting, we managed to portray an accurate, aggressive quality website, and we are really happy and proud of the end product.


Overall we had great fun working with Shane Breedt.


Please feel free to check out the website:, and hopefully, you too will get a feel for all that is possible when your site is built by Dutchink.


This is truly another Fin in the sail on the DutchInk Windmill.

The Dutchink Team


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