How To Advertise My Business Online?

April 27, 2020, Author: Sheldon Naicker

4 Reasons your business needs to be online as a small business


With the world seeking small business validation from online reviews. Having a website is more important now than ever. Refraining from having a company website means that you are leaving out potential customers. Customers are now expecting to find their information online. If your business is not online, you don’t stand the chance to be a potential solution. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons, you’ll want to start advertising online.


How to advertise your business online? Now that is a question that everyone asks themselves, right before they give up trying to so solve the answer. It is no easy task, and it is one that takes time to master. It is the reason Dutch Ink offers website building services and SEO services to all of our clients. We understand that online business is the future of small businesses in South Africa.

Ways to market your business online


With the world leaning towards online business as a result of the COVID_19 virus, we wanted to provide some insight. Businesses online are less affected by the virus. Service-based businesses which are remote are affected even less. Some businesses offer online services which have grown during the Coronavirus outbreak. These businesses use online techniques to continue to outperform their competition. Check out a few of the strategies Dutch Ink uses with our customers below.


Advertise your business online for free


People have come to believe that online advertising is expensive. Well, what if we told you that you pay R2500 for an ad in a newspaper. A single ad that will run once and have a limited, and untargeted audience. That sounds like a waste of money to us!

Social media and online advertising is better because we can track it. Unlike newspapers, we control the construct. Dutch Ink can target your key audience and ensure you of the number of customers reached. PLUS, a budget of R2500 has the potential to last small businesses tens of thousands of people over an entire month. A newspaper has less than 1% viewership retention because it is untargeted and copies printed are limited to those who purchase it. Social Media Advertising is FREE to the user.

Think carefully about WHERE you get your news. At Dutch Ink, most of our office news comes from social media like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. When was the last time you read an entire Newspaper?

Let’s get into some of the FREE ways your business can be advertised online.



These are just a few ways by which Dutch Ink aims to build our clients. How to advertise your business online, is a great start to advertising online. It means that you want to take the step. Dutch Ink is here to help you along the way, and we look forward to working with you in the future. So, whether you’d like to give us a call, or take a look at some of our other blogs. Be sure to bookmark our page to stay tuned for the awesome content we have coming.

Remember we offer services which will aid you in all of the above mentioned online strategies here. Please browse through some of our existing clients here. This is a great way to envision what is possible for your businesses online presence today.


Kind Regards
The Dutch Ink team.

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