Reverse Graffiti

February 28, 2020, Author: Sheldon Naicker

A college project which turned into a movement of sorts, reverse graffiti is the one of the greenest forms of advertising Dutch Ink has in its arsenal.


Martin Pace, founder of Dutch Ink was one of the first people to utilise the medium in South Africa. A college project which turned into a news covered story, his concept was to execute a green form of advertising which disrupted you from your busy life and made you smile, something beautiful that would still carry a branded message to the consumer.


Reverse Graffiti accomplishes this by meeting those exact requirements. As seen from Pace’s early reverse graffiti pieces, each design is meticulously templated or free-hand applied to a dirtied concrete surface. The idea of “reverse” comes from the fact that no chemicals are used during this process as the art surface is simply cleaned. The cleaning process is may be achieved utilising various techniques, however common methods include the use of steel brushes and design templates.


What makes this form of advertising so attractive is its green simplicity and unique design aesthetic. Designs are often cut into highly durable templates that are simply held in place while the design is cleaned into the dirty concrete surface. This creates a beautiful silhouette of the design in the concrete, pavement, and may other surfaces. Once the design has been etched, there is no escaping its enticing appeal. The concept itself is captivating enough to turn heads, encourage people to take pictures and share those pictures to their social media. A unique and organic brand activation opportunity for any brand who wishes to explore an alternative advertising avenue.


Dutch Ink has over the years been groomed into a fully-fledged social media advertising agency which means that 90% of what we do on a daily basis is direct attention to your brands online social media pages, websites and online stores. A process which has been highly successful, we believe that by incorporating interesting activations into our new and existing client brands, that we will be able to create demand for alternative advertising such as Reverse Graffiti.


Moving forward, Dutch Ink will be bringing back the professional application Reverse Graffiti in the Durban area and we without a doubt encourage you and your brand to try this artistic alternative form of advertising that people love to look at and share with their own social media.

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